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8 votes
1 answer

Where is Turkish's boxing office?

In the year 2000 film Snatch, lead character Turkish keeps an office in an old crumbling Caravan (Travel Trailer), in establishing shots of exterior around the caravan we see a character (Charlie) ...
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7 votes
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Is there any evidence what happened right after the end of Snatch?

At the end of the 2000 movie "Snatch," what happens next is left ambiguous. It's not clear if the diamond is actually purchased after that, or if it's stolen with the presenters killed, or ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Why can't the two guys in Snatch use their replica pistols which they previously tested successfully?

In Snatch there's this well known scene where Vince and Solomon come to Bullet Tooth Tony and hold him at gunpoint and Tony immediately spots the replica inscription on the pistol side and says they ...
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2 votes
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How was the diamond outside the brief case?

When Boris came to collect the brief case in Snatch, he sees the diamond outside the brief case, and a minute after he requested it they answer that the stone is inside the brief case and "the ...
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