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Why does Rembrandt keep calling Quinn "Q-ball"?

In "Sliders," Rembrandt keeps calling Quinn "Q-ball". Why does he do that? I think I know, I would just like to make sure. In theoretical physics, Q-ball refers to a type of non-topological soliton. ...
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Did the real Arturo get left behind?

I've been rewatching Sliders again, and partway through the second season (episode titled "Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome", there are two versions of Arturo fighting it out at the end - the original, ...
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How does the group discover that missing the slide will cost them 29 years?

At some point in Sliders, the group begins to say that they will be stuck in a world for 29 years if they miss a slide. How do they know this? Is there an episode where they discover this? How is ...
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