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A 1999 horror film directed by Tim Burton

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Why does a townsman cryptically tell the constable that there are 5 victims in 4 graves?

In Sleepy Hollow, after a 4th person is murdered by the headless horseman, one of the town leaders tells Johnny Depp's character (the constable) that there are in fact 5 victims, buried in 4 graves. ...
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Mystery surrounding Ichabod's mother

Ichabod's mother is an "innocent child of Nature". What does this allude to? Also, is it implied that she was insane and this was misinterpreted by his father that she was a witch?
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What was the significance of Northern cardinal?

In Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane just freed a Northern cardinal before coming to Sleepy Hollow. Then in the forest, he sees a Northern cardinal with Katrina Van Tassel when she said it's her favorite....
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Why did Tim Burton create a similar windmill scene both on Frankenweenie and Sleepy Hollow?

I've just watched Frankenweenie (2012). It has a windmill scene towards the end which was very similar to the windmill scene in Sleepy Hollow (1999). I'm not arguing if it was intentional or not ...
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What was the purpose of Christopher Lee's scene with the eagle wings behind him?

At the first and only scene with Christopher Lee in Sleepy Hollow (1999) there were a few moments where he's shown directly from the front where the wings of the eagle statue behind him look like they ...
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Why was Christopher Walken not credited in Sleepy Hollow?

Christopher Walken does not appear in the opening or end credits of Sleepy Hollow, although he has an important role as "Hesse". What is the reason for this? I searched a bit about this, but only ...
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What is the main conflict/problem in "Sleepy Hollow" (1999)? [closed]

Could anyone, kindly, tell me the main conflict in the movie "Sleepy Hollow" from 1999? I've watched the film, but I'm having difficulty in trying to determine exactly what the main conflict is. ...
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Was Reverend Stynwick trying to give Ichabod a clue?

In the first scenes of Ichabod being in Sleepy Hollow (1999), did Reverend Stynwick tell Ichabod the only book they follow is the bible because he was trying to give him a clue or was he trying to be ...
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