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Roark Junior suffers damage to groin [closed]

In the movie, Sin City(I believe in the comic book as well), there is a scene in the beginning of the episode of “That Yellow Bastard”, where the character, Hartigan, after disarming Roark Junior, ...
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What does a guest director do?

I was re-watching Sin City (2005) and noticed in the opening credits that Quentin Tarantino was listed as "Special Guest Director". This intrigued me, so I have a two part question (somewhat related). ...
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Who are the trophies collected by Kevin in Sin City?

In Sin City, Marv finds a collection of heads in the basement of Kevin's house (or Roarke's farm). The 5th head (right-most one) was one of the prostitutes working in Nancy's bar, I think. Who are ...
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Why change the order and merge episodes in the extended Sin City?

Sin City has had an extended version that has changed the order of episodes of the original. December 2005 DVD reissue included an extended, reedited version of the film. The four story lines were ...
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What is the reason for having Becky as the target of the Salesman?

In Sin City Josh Hartnett portrayed the Salesman. It is assumed that he killed the hooker "Becky" by the end of the movie. I reviewed this Sin City movie, but couldn't find a logical reason why she ...
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Do I need to watch Sin City 1 before watching Sin City 2?

I am about to watch Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. I have absolutely no memory of the first movie. 9 years does that sometimes. Is it important to watch Sin City 1 before Sin City 2? Do I need a ...
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How to make a film in black and white and add color to some objects?

How is a movie made to show selective colors. For instance, in Pleasantville a sister and brother are transported to the universe of an old black and white TV show, and the movie switches to being B&...
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What city is Sin City based on, if any?

I know Sin City is fictional, but so are Gotham City and Metropolis, both of which are obviously New York City (one of the DC writers, I forget who, once said Gotham City is New York by night while ...
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