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In Shrek 2, what happened to the dragon when the donkey transformed?

When Shrek uses the magic potion in Shrek 2, Fiona transformed. Parallel because the donkey is in love with the dragon, the way the potion is described to work, the dragon should also have transformed ...
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2 answers

Godmother's assumptions?

In Shrek 2 wasn't Fairy Godmother assuming an awful lot? She assumed that Prince Charming would be the one to rescue Fiona, which we know didn't happen, considering the first film. If Shrek hadn't ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Where is Prince Charming?

Plot of fourth Shrek Forever After deals with idea that Shrek was never born and therefore Princess Fiona had to save herself. But, plot of Shrek 2 shows us that Prince Charming was charging to the ...
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How could Shrek's friends arrive so quickly?

When Shrek and Fiona travel to "Far Far Away" in Shrek 2, the travel scene is portrayed as a very long one, because, well, they do travel "far far away". Before leaving his swamp, Shrek hands it over ...