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Shaun of the dead is a British Zombie comedy film and is the first of the Cornetto trilogy directed by Edgar wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in lead roles.

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How do they accomplish the "zombie walking with a broken ankle" effect?

Zombies are often shown dragging one foot behind them. The clip below shows an example from Shaun of the Dead (2004). You can see the zombie dragging its foot at 2:06. ...
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Should I watch Dawn of the Dead before watching Shaun of the Dead?

Given the names and zombie-themes, I'm guessing Shaun of the Dead might have some satirical relations with Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead. Should I watch DotD or NotLD (or any other ...
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Is there any story link between Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End?

The "Blood and Ice Cream" series is a group of three movies that have very different themes in each, but at the same time, share many similarities. For example: The Cornetto: In Shaun of the Dead, ...
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Is there any Cornetto reference in Hot Fuzz?

The Cornetto trilogy consists of: Shaun of the Dead Hot Fuzz The World’s End I saw that Shaun (Simon Pegg) grabs a Cornetto from the Indian store in Shaun of the Dead. Also Andy (Nick Frost) tries ...
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