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*Shameless* is a comedy-drama which shares the same name in the American and British versions.

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Why does Jimmy send Angela to check up on Fiona?

During season 5 of Shameless, Fiona is working at Patsy's Pies. The place regularly gets visited by a woman who leaves exceptional tips, and displays a special interest in Fiona: We find out she is ...
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Why is Carl "a disgrace" to the military academy in Season 10?

In season 9 of the US version of Shameless, Carl decided to join a military academy. He was doing pretty well - with a typical Gallagher charisma he manages to get respect from the fellow students and ...
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Why is Philip 'Lip' Gallagher such a sad character in Shameless?

In Showtime's Shameless, a series about Chicago's dysfunctional family, every character has its own ups and downs. But one character that started off really interesting in his own fashion has now ...
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"My little Trump" - Is Frank referring to Donald Trump during Nazi report?

In Season 6 Episode 7 of Shameless, Chuckle Slott was giving a report on Nazis. After the report, Frank Gallagher says: Thats my little Trump.Capitalized? I'm not sure if he's referring to Donald ...
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What does "you'll end up needing a much bigger toothbrush" mean?

I'm rewatching the series premiere of Shameless (U.S.) and one line has always perplexed me. Lip is talking to Steve after the latter gives him some medical 'advice' about a 'skeletal fact' and Lip ...
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Why was Ian's onset of Bipolar Disorder so fast?

Before Ian leaves to the army in Shameless, we see no sign that he has any mental illness. However, while he is there he seems to have a break. Tries to steal a helicopter, runs away and works in a ...
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How did Frank Gallagher end up in Mexico?

At the end of the final episode of the second season of Shameless (S2E12), Estefania hits Frank on the head with a frying pan and the guys carry him to the backyard. Later, he is buried in snow. But ...
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