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"Severance" is a 2022 sci-fi psychological thriller TV series created by Dan Erickson. Starring Adam Scott, Britt Lower, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette, with six episodes directed by Ben Stiller, including the pilot and season 1 finale. The show follows Mark (Adam Scott), a Lumon Industries employee who undergoes a memory separation program called "severance", in which his non-work memories are separated from his work memories.

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Are the computers in Severance real?

Is this computer, as in hardware, fictional? It has a very strange keyboard layout. Everything with the computers is wrong, given the high-tech background of Lumon Industries.
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What is the context of the documents that Irving finds in the box?

In season 1 episode 9 of Severance, Irving's innie finds a box/trunk in his outie's closet Another document is A third document is In short: what is the context of these documents? (I'm guessing ...
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How much of the post-season 1 plot and setting of Severance was pre-planned?

Really enjoyed the first season of Severance, but I was very surprised how few of the mysteries and questions set up during the show got resolved in the finale. As a result, I couldn't escape the ...
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What do the bins mean in Severance?

In the TV series Severance, those in the macrodata refinement department excise numbers from a file based on what emotion it provokes. There are 4 emotion categories, and there are 5 bins available, ...
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