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2012 black comedy Martin McDonagh about a struggling screenwriter getting dragged into a crime adventure by his friend.

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Do newspaper/magazines publish this type of ad?

In Seven Psychopaths (2012), a magazines (maybe a newspaper) publishes an audition for Seven Psychopaths in a classified section. Do newspapers/magazines publish this type of ads in it?
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What does Billy show Marty that makes him leave?

Towards the final scene of Seven Psychopaths, Billy is holding Bonny with the flare gun to its head. Marty initially refuses to go away. When he approaches Billy, he shows Marty something which causes ...
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How does Charlie deduce Myra is Mrs Kieslowski?

In Seven Psychopaths Charlie (Woody Harrelson) comes to the hospital to find Mrs Kieslowski. He finds a patient- who we know is Myra Kieslowski- but wrongly assumes that because she is black it cannot ...
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Did Billy really play Myra in Hans's vision?

In the movie Seven Psychopaths in the night Hans is high on peyote he has a vision of his late wife Myra telling him that there is no heaven and that she's just sitting in a completely grey room, ...
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