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A Netflix scifi series created by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis in 2015, in which a group of people around the world are mentally linked.

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Why was Sense8 made as a series and not a feature film?

I recently discovered that one of my favorite sci-fi feature films, Limitless got a continuation as a series. Then I discovered a new sci-fi topic in Sense8, which is a series. It was created by ...
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Did author David Mitchell have any influence on The Wachowski's TV series Sense 8?

Netflix's [now canceled] TV series Sense 8 hails from film creator siblings known as The Wachowskis and follows a group of 8 characters across the globe whom become psychically linked, as they learn ...
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Sense8 S2E11 plot holes [closed]

I started to watch Sense8 recently, knowing that the plot was cut short and concluded in a 2h30 special episode begged by fans, so probably disappointing. But I must admit: I really loved the show. ...
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Does Amondi's English accent in Sense8 reflect her wealth?

Disclaimer: Spoilers within for Season 1 Episode 6 of Sense8. In Netflix's show Sense8, Capheus is charged with transporting Kenyan crime lord Silas Kabaka's daughter Amondi to a treatment clinic for ...
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What is the significance of other sensates's names according to The Wachowskis?

In Sense8, it is said that The Wachowskis pick character names that carry a significance for their role and I got a interview where two actor answered it themselves: Nuke the Fridge: Did the ...
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Why did Wolfgang kill his father?

In the Netflix's Sense 8, Wolfgang kills his father as a boy. Later, when grown up, he pisses on his father's grave. What is the reason for doing all of this?
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What is E-DEATH based on in Sense8?

In Sense8 S02E05 "Fear Never Fixed Anything", Bug helps Naomi have (apparently all?) traces of her identity removed, such that the authorities no longer have warrants for her, with the help of a ...
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Explanation of the last scene in Sense8 Season 2

Spoilers for Sense8 season 2 finale ahead In the season 2 finale, Will (and part of the remaining gang) managed to get into BPO's facilities and rescue Wolfgang. From a dramatic perspective this ...
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Sense8 Characters in Northern Hemisphere

This is a 2-part question.... The Sense8 Wiki introduces the show with One gunshot, one death, one moment out of time that irrevocably links eight minds in disparate parts of the world. Sense8 ...
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Why do the BPO henchmen wear hazmat gear?

In the first season of Netflix's Sense8, one can see personnel of the Biologic Preservation Organization wear oxygen tanks and face masks several times when engaging sensates. As sensates don't seem ...
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Will and Sarah's connection

In Netflix series Sense8, during a pilot episode its shown that Angelica give birth to cluster which Will belongs, by this I am guessing she activate his cluster at that moment and he start to feel ...
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