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1988 Christmas comedy film produced and directed by Richard Donner and starring Bill Murray, Karen Allen and Alfre Woodard.

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Why did Frank think that the waiter was Richard Pryor?

In Scrooged, there is a scene depicting Frank Cross dumping a bucket of water on a waiter after he thinks that the waiter is on fire. Frank is having hallucinations upon waiting for the ghost of ...
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How/why was the slow motion coin shot achieved in Scrooged?

In the movie Scrooged, one of the main themes of the show is the airing of a live broadcast of the movie/play "A Christmas Carol". During the later parts of the live broadcast, Scrooge tossed a coin ...
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Why would Lew Hayward be doomed?

In the beginning of Scrooged, we see the ghost of Lew Hayward come and give Frank Cross a warning on how Frank was living his life and treating people. Lew: Don't waste your life as I did. ...
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