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Questions tagged [samurai-jack]

For questions about the American animated series *Samurai Jack*.

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4 votes
3 answers

Why is Samurai Jack season 5 episode 1 (53) numbered 92 (XCII)?

I read through the wikipedia pages, but couldn't find any reference. Why do they start at 92? It's 50 years later, not 40.
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4 votes
2 answers

Why do they call him Jack?

In season 1, episode 2 of Samurai Jack, Jack comes out of the time portal in the future and lands in a city with flying cards and other machinery he does not recognize. After some action sequences ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Was Aku created? If yes, who created him and granted him powers?

The Wiki says: ”Aku was the main antagonist of the series Samurai Jack. Born from a cosmic of black mass darkness…” Samurai Jack, Wiki. Did Aku always exist? Or was he created? Who gave him ...
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Why did Jack allow Aku to escape?

At the end of Samurai Jack S3E4 after fighting with Jack, Aku is in such a weakened state that he is no longer able to fly, nor even run efficiently, by the looks of it, he was reduced to just a... ...
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