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What purpose did Guruji have with Ganesh Gaitonde 20 years in advance?

In the Netflix web series Sacred Games, it is revealed by Jojo that for the last 20 years, they were making a fool out of Gaitonde. Everytime he believed he was immortal, he was being saved by Guriji'...
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Was this character a traitor or were they trying to just provoke Gaitonde?

In the season 2 of "Sacred Games", towards the end, we see This question arose because from a lot of conversations between the both of them through out the show, she showed a lot of inclination to ...
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Why was Sartaj astonished on seeing the passport in Gaitonde's possession?

In S01E01 Ashwathama of Sacred Games, when Sartaj witnesses Gaitonde committing suicide, he picks up a passport. The photo on it is visible, but I couldn't make out who that was. Then Katekar enters ...
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Ending of Sacred Games

Can someone explain the ending of Sacred Games (Season 1). Who is the character found tied in a hole? Is he dead or alive? And what is the significance of the items shown present in the place with ...
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To whom is Ganesh Gaitonde telling his story in Sacred Games?

As we have seen in the first episode of Sacred Games, Ganesh Gaitonde is telling his story to Sartaj Singh. But he died in the first episode and he kept on telling his story. So to whom is he telling ...
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Meaning of "Episodes-titles" of Sacred Games?

How do the episode titles for Sacred Games (the first Netflix original series in India) relate to the series? Ashwathama Halahala Atapi Vatapi Brahmahatya Sarama Pretakalpa Rudra Yayati
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Why did Gaitonde kill himself in Sacred Games?

Why did Gaitonde kill himself when inspector Sartaj Singh enters the building to arrest him in Sacred Games?
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Is 'Sacred Games' based on a real story?

Sacred Games has been released on Netflix a few months ago and contains 8 parts in one series. I have seen all the parts. Navazuddin Siddiqi (as Ganesh Gaitonde) is playing a big hooligan in the ...
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