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In Rocky IV how does the Creed vs Drago fight go on?

I know it is a movie. But I was a fighter just years after Rocky IV was made. My kids were watching tonight and ask me about the fight and have me pause the movie. Four different times during the ...
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Why was there a robot in Rocky IV?

In Rocky IV (1985), Balboa gifts Paulie a talking and moving robot which could do following things: Talk and act like humans. Patch up to phone lines in house. Voice modulation according to needs. ...
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What boxing matches were the fights in Rocky based on?

I have heard that the major fights in the first 4 Rocky films are based on actual historic boxing matches. Is this true? And if it is, can someone tell me which boxing matches?
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Is the ring smaller than normal in the Rocky movies?

I was watching Drago pummel Apollo Creed in Rocky IV and it seemed like the ring was smaller than a regulation ring. Normally, pro rings are 18x18 or 20x20, but the ring in Rocky IV seemed a lot ...
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Did Ivan Drago's wife become friends with Apollo Creed's wife

Ludmilla Drago explicitly stated "I hope after, we can be friends." Is there any evidence in the films or novels that they did? It seems unlikely, but after the events of Rocky IV, I could see them ...
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