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1976 movie about a small time boxer, Rocky Balboa, who gets a chance to box the world champion.

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What kind of hero archetype is Rocky Balboa?

I watched the Creed and Rocky films and I was wondering what kind of hero archetype (classic, anti, byronic) Rocky Balboa fits into. I'm guessing it's probably classic/traditional hero since he has ...
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Why is the "Rocky" franchise particularly lampooned for its many sequels?

Several other movies and other media have portrayed fictional high-numbered sequels of the Rocky franchise: Spaceballs shows the spines of videocassettes for Rocky I through XIV. A movie poster for &...
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What boxing matches were the fights in Rocky based on?

I have heard that the major fights in the first 4 Rocky films are based on actual historic boxing matches. Is this true? And if it is, can someone tell me which boxing matches?
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How much time passed (in universe) between Rocky and Rocky III?

In the original Rocky, Mickey tells Rocky that he is 76 years old: MICKEY (yells) Rocky, I'm seventy-six years old. Maybe you can be the winner I never was -- your ...
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What happened at the end of Rocky?

It's been sometime since I saw Rocky, but I remember being confused by the ending. The fight ends by both of them grabbing each other, and the referee pulling them apart. Rocky then goes looking for ...
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