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2014 action movie. After being nearly-fatally shot, Detroit cop Alex Murphy undergoes a transformation which makes him half-human/half-robot and all bad-ass. Remake of the 1987 movie of the same name.

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Do patients experience tastes during brain surgery?

In RoboCop (2014), RoboCop tastes something in his mouth during brain surgery. It tastes like peanut butter. He is not eating any food. The surgery creates the experience of a phantom taste. Does ...
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Not using the obvious test to proof RoboCop's superiority over pure machines?

As part of introduction to the setting, we're shown a live conference as part of The Novak Element. They obviously wanted to show citizens of the US how the military robots help securing Teheran. ...
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How does Murphy overcome the "Red Asset"?

During the raid of the OmniCorp Headquarters Rick Mattox is almost able to kill RoboCop, due to wearing a bracer tagged as a Red Asset (marking him as Do not engage). Luckily enough, Jack Lewis is ...
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Why didn't the bomb detonate earlier?

During the beginning of the 2014 version of Robocop Alex Murphy is severly injured by a car bomb when he is forced to check his car at home after the car's alarm system activates at night. But this ...
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