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1987 sci fi movie about a murdered police officer brought back to life as a law enforcing cyborg.

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What's happening in Mexico in Robocop?

In the 1987 Robocop, people mention the US army is helping the Mexican government fight off rebel forces in what a news anchorman euphemistically refers to as 'the Mexican Crisis'. What cause are ...
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What causes the "stretched arms" effect?

Near the end of Robocop, as the bad guy is falling, his arms infamously looked stretched out and fake (at 1:29 in this clip): What type of special effect is causing ...
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Why do the technicians on duty not care about what happening to Robocop when he's Dreaming?

In the Robocop (1987) there is a scene with Robocop resting in his chair & dreaming about the badguy Boddicker. His body shakes in this dream state The monitoring systems in the room indicate ...
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What kind of gun did Robocop use in the first movie?

What kind of gun did Robocop use in the first movie? I know it was a triple burst handgun with a single shot capability.
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How much of the original Robocop's organic body is left?

I am excluding the remake from 2014, wherein one could exactly see how much is left as the suit unfolded itself. In the original movies and TV shows the electro mechanical parts were firmly connected ...
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What was the original Robocop's suit prop made of?

Does anyone know what the Robocop's suit prop was made in the 1987 movie Robocop? Is it metal or just clothing like metal? When they were shooting the movie did the actor always wear the full suit?
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How realistic is the scene where Robocop bends barrel of a gun being held by a man?

There is a quite famous scene in the original movie where Robocop comes up to a guy, grabs barrel of his automatic gun and bends it downwards, while the guy continues holding the gun in shock. Isn't ...
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