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An English film director and producer, best known for his films Alien, Blade Runner, and Prometheus.

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Did Ridley Scott include slowly rotating fans in Prometheus?

In most (or all) of Ridley Scott movies there is at least one scene with slowly rotating fans. Sometimes light is shining from behind the fan casts shadows on a heavy smoke atmosphere. This is very ...
11 votes
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How much was Ridley Scott actually influenced on Alien?

In this Cracked article, it states that Ridley Scott ripped off two other lesser know movies to make Alien. However according to wikipedia, Dan O'Bannon takes the credit for stealing from these two ...
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10 votes
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Why did Ridley Scott decide on doing a prequel?

One of Ridley Scott's most exclaimed science fiction movies is Alien. It's also one of the few movies that does not have a city scape. When involved in the re-release in 2003 he started to want to ...
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Does Ridley Scott's Director's Cut releases hurt his movies?

While reading his wiki page it says that: Running alongside his enthusiasm for DVD, Scott is sometimes considered the "father" of the director's cut, though the impetus to produce such versions has ...
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How to explain the discrepancies between the end of Prometheus and the beginning of Alien?

At the end of Prometheus, the alien that Elizabeth Shaw extracted from her womb kills the Engineer. Later on, a primary form of alien xenomorph is seen bursting out of the Engineer's chest. The scene ...