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Revolver is a crime thriller film directed by Guy Ritchie, released in 2005.

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Are they real in the movie Revolver?

Are Zack and Avi real in the movie Revolver or are they Mr.Green's imagination?
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The greatest trick that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you

What does this line from Revolver mean? The greatest trick that he ever pulled was making you believe that he is you
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Which game is it?

At the beginning of the movie Revolver (2005) we see the main character Jake Gree (Jason Statham) gambling with Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta) and other people. It seems that they simply throw a gambling ...
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Revolver and 12$ bills

I just watched the movie Revolver and I noticed that they use 12$ bills; after a quick wiki-search I found out that they do not exist. Why do they use 12$ bills as if they were actual currency?
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Revolver movie title significance

I saw the movie Revolver recently and was wondering why the movie is named such. The movie is basically upon the ego of a person and has a lot of chess analogy included in it. So my question is: Why ...
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What's the "toss you for it" wager Jake Green makes in the casino?

During the opening of Revolver, Jake Green (Jason Statham) enters Dorothy Macker's (Ray Liotta) casino. After proceeding up the elevator, he enters the high rollers' private room and makes two wagers, ...
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What are the differences between the Region 1 and Region 2 Releases of Revolver?

While reading the Wikipedia entry on the 2005 Film Revolver I noticed it mentioned that Region 2 is the original 2005 theatrical release, while Region 1 is the 2007 reedited version, created by ...
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Who is Mr. Gold in the movie Revolver?

I have loved the movie Revolver and I cannot control my urge of fully understand it. From what I could make out of the movie, it is purely an analogy to chess. The characters of the movie are all ...
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Why animation was used in several scenes of Revolver?

Revolver. Though, An amazing movie regarding EGO, EGO and EGO... At most times, the movie included actual animations of Andre, Liotta and several other characters. Like - when the money was stolen, ...
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What was the meaning of the elevator scene?

In the movie Revolver, towards the end of the movie Jason Statham’s character, Jake Green, ends up in an elevator by himself. In the elevator he has a dialogue with himself. I wasn’t able to quite ...
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