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1992 independent crime film by Quentin Tarantino, which jumps back and forth in time to tell the story of a botched jewelry store robbery and the violent aftermath.

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How did Tarantino choose the song "Little Green Bag" for Reservoir Dogs?

Today I watched the retro-meta-iconic power walk scene in Reservoir Dogs again, which features the song "Little Green Bag". This song by the Dutch George Baker Selection reached only no. 21 ...
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Why do they use pseudonyms in Reservoir Dogs?

In Reservoir Dogs, each of the crooks are given a colour based pseudonym, but aside from enabling a funny argument when the names are being handed out, I don't really see the point. The idea given is ...
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What does the title "Reservoir Dogs" mean?

Aside from speculations of the title coming from Tarantino's mispronunciation of the French film name, what meaning does Reservoir Dogs have in context of the actual story line?
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Relationship between “Mr. Orange” and “Mr. White” in "Reservoir Dogs"?

I find the relationship portrayed between Mr Orange and Mr White intimate and I saw a powerful emotional bond formed between these two characters. In the opening when Mr. Orange was shot and ...
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Who really killed Mr Brown in Reservoir Dogs?

(Spoiler Ahead) In the movie Reservoir Dogs Mr Brown (played by Quentin Tarantino) is found dead after Mr White (Harvey Keitel) shoots down the cops. However before the brief shoot out he was talking ...
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Why did he fall to the ground?

In the movie Reservoir Dogs, near the end of the film, there's a standoff between three guys. They all end up firing their guns. One was aiming at Mr. Orange, one was aiming at Mr. White, and one ...
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Was Mr. Orange switching guns between scenes the first indication of a character shift?

In Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Orange (Freddy) switches guns between the bar scene and the killing of the woman in her car, indicating his loss of sense of self once he understands the consequences of his ...
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