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Term used to describe a film or TV series being produced as if its previous iteration did not already exist. To be used for questions about the intricacies of reboots specifically, not for any kind of question about a rebooted movie/TV-series.

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3 answers

Which movie franchise had the fastest reboot, where both the original and the reboot were shot in the US?

Out of all US movie franchises (e.g. Superman, Batman, X-men, etc.), which one had a reboot done after the least amount of time? To specify what a "reboot" is, I'll quote another related post: To ...
12 votes
3 answers

Is the Reimagined Battlestar a reboot or a sequel to the Original Battlestar?

The Reimagined Battlestar started as a remake, or reboot (no real difference) to the original Battlestar Galactica. Due to changes in audience expectations, it was grittier, more realistic than the ...
1 vote
1 answer

What is the reason behind the multiple Spider-Man reboots? [duplicate]

Spider-Man is the one franchise that is on course to a third reboot in a span of 15 years. My question is what was the reason for these numerous reboots of Spider-Man which pretty much follow the ...
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0 answers

Difference between 'Spider-Man' Movie and 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Movie [duplicate]

What is the main differences between the first 'Spider-Man' Movie directed by Sam Raimi and 'The Amazing Spider-Man' by Marc Webb? And why there was a need to reboot a franchise which had a trilogy so ...
7 votes
2 answers

Why Reboot Spider-Man?

I can understand the reboot of the Batman Series but I couldn't understand why Hulk was rebooted. And now why do we have to reboot Spider-Man, too? Is it they are not able to write the script in the ...
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1 answer

Why are they rebooting/reviving The Matrix franchise?

I heard that The Matrix is being rebooted/revived. What are the reasons they chose to do this instead of making a sequel or prequel? Is there any official word on Why the production company or ...
7 votes
1 answer

Differences between reboot, remake, reimagining - is my understanding correct?

I know that reboot is a term often used by the media to mean a comeback of a franchise from scratch, but is my understanding correct of the terms: Reboot: To start again from scratch, all previous ...
20 votes
4 answers

What was the first instance of a movie reboot?

Apparently so called reboots are the new answer to Hollywood running out of original ideas. In the last years several franchises have been "rebooted" such as Spider-man, Batman, Star Trek and so on. ...
2 votes
1 answer

Do stars of original series get royalties for reboots or remakes?

While this may be a bit subjective, the recent remake of Roots, produced by the original star, Levar Burton, got me to think. Is it common, or even heard of, for an actor or star to get royalties for ...
34 votes
3 answers

Does the ageing theme in Skyfall contradict the rebooting of the Bond franchise?

At the start of the rebooted series, in Casino Royale, we see Bond gain his 00 status, and through that film and Quantum of Solace Bond goes on his 'first' adventure. Skyfall continues this 'firsts' ...