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1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The characters observe suspicious behavior by a neighbor and subsequently spy on him to figure out just what happened. Starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

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Why didn't Thorwald close his windows while carrying the body parts that night?

Why didn't Thorwald simply close his windows when he was scared if someone gonna watch him?
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Who was the woman with Thorwald in Rear Window?

In a scene in "Rear Window", Thorwald is seen leaving his apartment with a woman in the morning, after he supposedly killed his wife and deposited her body parts in the night before. That scene was to ...
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Why is the apartment door unlocked?

In A. Hitchcock's masterpiece film, Rear Window (1954), Thorwald enters the front door, because it was unlocked. Why would the protagonist keep his door unlocked?
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Why can we hear Lisa's bracelets?

20 minutes into the movie, Lisa comes over to Jeff's place for (and with) dinner. She is wearing bracelets to her left wrist. The sound of these bracelets is loud in this scene. We can clearly hear ...
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Why don't Jeff and Stella rush in to save Lisa?

In Rear Window, when Lisa sneaks into Thorwald's apartment and is caught by him, Jeff is simply watching from his Rear window. He does call the police but he and Stella do not try to go to the ...
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Why didn't Lisa tell the truth about Thorwald to the police?

Saw this 1959 Hitchcock's masterpiece Rear Window last night. One of the great classics! Enjoyed it! I just didn't get one thing. Why didn't Lisa (Grace Kelly) tell the complete plot and truth about ...
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Why is the flashing light asynchron to the shots fired at Brett in Pulp Fiction?

A few days ago I watched Pulp Fiction again. I noticed something and now I'm curious about a little detail. When Vincent and Jules killing Brett in Pulp Fiction a yellow/orange light appears two times ...
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What is in the box in Rear Window?

Towards the end of Rear Window, we find out Thorwald dug up what was buried beneath the flowers, as the neighbors' dog got too inquisitive. He moved what he dug up to a hat box in his apartment. ...
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Was Rear Window making a statement about 1950s gender roles?

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of mise-en-scène, whereby in film just about every inch of every frame of a film was intentional. Rear Window is one of his greatest and most influential films. ...
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Is Dogville inspired from Hitchcock's Rear Window?

Watching these 2 movies I found similarities between them. The visual city in Dogville reminds me of Rear Window, where the hero is watching to everything from his window. Is this a case of an ...
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