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What is the significance of Lady Kaede catching and killing the insect?

In Ran (1985), after Lady Kaede slept with Lord Jiro, and as she was crying that it is she who should be Lord Jiro's wife, not Lady Sue, there is a scene where Lady Kaede has noticed an insect near ...
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14 votes
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Is this character from Isle of Dogs an homage to Ran, or just a coincidence?

In the first scene of the movie Isle of Dogs (2018) by Wes Anderson, there is a character that looks exactly like Lord Hidetora Ichimonji from the movie Ran (1985) by Akira Kurosawa. Here are the two ...
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Was the temple in the movie 'Ran' actually set on fire?

In the movie Ran, there is a scene where a castle is getting invaded and part of it is set on fire. Knowing that the movie is from 1985 I doubt it was a special effect. Different camera angles tell me ...
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