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In Pushing Daisies Digby has lived much longer than a normal dog since he's been "alive again"; is he immortal? Therefore is Chuck immortal?

I know they can still die but if nothing happened to them will they not age and remain alive?
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3 votes
1 answer

Was there ever an ending to Pushing Daisies?

I remember that I was very sad to hear that they cancelled Pushing Daisies. But did the story have an end that was in some kind of script? I know the fanbase isn't that big but maybe someone knows ...
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Why are the Aunts' surnames in Pushing Daisies 'Charles'?

In the series Pushing Daisies, Charlotte "Chuck" Charles is born to Charles Charles and Lily Charles. However, it is explained that this was an illicit affair between the two, as Charles Charles was ...
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