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A 1960 psychological horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It spawned a franchise of sequels and television series.

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Is Psycho really the very first film to show a flushing toilet?

A lot of people always claim this about the film, but I haven't found anything to 100% confirm it yet. Anyone know for sure?
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Psycho (1960) Sandwich Scene [closed]

When most people think of Psycho they think of the shower scene. Admittedly it is one of the all scariest scenes in the history of movies. Today I recently re-watched Psycho and I'm convinced there is ...
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How did Hitchcock get the still eyeball shot in "Psycho"?

In the 1960 thriller Psycho, there is a shot of a dead body with the eye fixed open as the corpse lays on the bathroom floor. At first I thought it was a still, but some of the water drops move, so I ...
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How did Hitchcock enforce the "no late admission" policy for Psycho?

According to Wikipedia, Alfred Hitchcock mandated that movie theaters could not allow late viewers to come into Psycho after it began. The most controversial move was Hitchcock's "no late admission"...
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What is with the taxidermied animals and birds Norman Bates had in Psycho?

In the movie Psycho (1960), the main character—Norman Bates—has taxidermied birds in the office as well as in his home. What is the significance of these?
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Why does Milton Arbogast exit his car by sliding across to the passenger side and getting out through the right hand door?

In Psycho (the original), Milton Arbogast exits his car by sliding across to the passenger side and getting out through the right hand door. Why? I am guessing that either the car was not a complete ...
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