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When watching a movie (Dune 2) in an IMAX recently I noticed a static texture that remained as the image panned - what is that?

When watching Dune 2 recently (in the Odeon Greenwich, UK on the IMAX screen) there were several occasions where the image panned but there was some kind of screen/projector texture that became ...
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Advantage of Ethernet over other display interfaces in projection [closed]

As far as my knowledge goes, most people connect their PCs to their display whether a monitor of a projector using interfaces such as VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort. Lately I found out that the in theaters ...
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How necessary is a rotating shutter?

In this explanation, a rotating shutter is shown and used to show each frame of a film three times. It's not exactly explained how this is accomplished with the film in motion and in place (is each ...
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Does 35 to 70 mm blow up lose a part of the image?

The Wikipedia article on 70 mm film has a section about the process of converting 35 mm film to 70 mm, or "blow-up". Since 35 mm and 70 mm have different aspect ratios, does that mean that a part of ...
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Can analog outperform digital? [closed]

What is the physical limits of analog film? I understand that a film projector has way more moving parts compared to a digital projector and cost more, but can a digital projector out project a ...
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How could a projectionist destroy an old black and white film accidentally?

I have a character in a book who works as a projectionist, and during the changing of the reels, I need him to accidentally destroy the print. The film is an old black and white non-silent movie, and ...
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Spiral-projectors / holograms (?) - how do they work? (as seen in Gambinos SNL performance)

I'm not sure if Movie&TV is the right StackExchange site for this question, but I did not find an FX-site. Here goes: In Gambino's SNL performance: There are ...
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How does Regal's RPX format compare with IMAX?

In my area, I have four ways of seeing the movie Justice League: regular 2D, IMAX 2D, RealD 3D, and RealD 3D with Regal Cinema's RPX format. My question is, how does Regal's RPX format compare with ...
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Which is technically visually of higher quality - 70mm without IMAX or IMAX without 70mm?

In my local movie theater, I have three ways of seeing Christopher Nolan's movie Dunkirk: IMAX without 70mm, 70mm without IMAX, and regular. Obviously the regular option is inferior to the other two, ...
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Why does the 3D movie I just watched stutter? [closed]

We just watched "Captain America: Civil War" in the theatre. It was 3D and it was one of the technically worst shows I have experienced. The movie was stuttering all the time during action scenes. I ...
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Why don't cinemas project subtitles off-screen?

A comment by Davor on another question mentioned that overlaying subtitles on the picture was a necessity for TV which had limited screen real-estate but that it would be trivial to project subtitles ...
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