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For questions about verified(!) production or plot errors. Not to be used to ask if something is a mistake (use plot-explanation instead).

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Is there a mistake in the flags shown at the World's Fair?

In Season 2, Episode 3, Loki travels to 1893. At a fair in Chicago, the Russian flag is visible. But the Russian flag appeared later AFAIK. Some other flags are wrong too. Was this a mistake?
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The date of Pamela Voorhees' murders in 1979

In the 1980 movie, Friday the 13th, Pamela Voorhees started a killing spree on June 13, 1979. But this date was in fact, a wednesday. It was July 13th of that year that was a friday. Was it a mistake ...
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Industry name for Incongruities in a show

I've never worked in TV on movie production and have never been on a set. Is there an insider term for the incongruities: f-ups, timeline discrepancies, wrong character behavior, Starbucks coffee cup, ...
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In The Swearing Jar, is Simon American?

The Swearing Jar is very definitely a Canadian movie. Not just that it was filmed in Canada, and written by a Canadian, but the $5 bill that goes into the titular jar is blue. Later we see loonies and ...
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Why does Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz get the Pythagorean Theorem wrong?

After receiving a "brain," the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz famously says the following: “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root ...
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Was it ever determined what the "ghost figure" in Three Men and a Baby actually was?

In the late 80's, there was a theory that there was a ghost on set (and caught on camera) in Three Men and a Baby. Was it ever determined what that figure was?
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Why wasn't the flood featured in the Aristocats?

The Aristocats (1970 Disney animated feature film) was set in Paris, 1910; the same year Paris was heavily damaged by a great flood. According to Wikipedia: The 1910 Great Flood of Paris (French: ...
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Was this a technical mistake in Hereditary?

In the film Hereditary, Anne finds her grandmother's books and flips through them to read up stuff about Paimon. We see this: Now this is an Indian script, possibly Devanagri or Gurmukhi. Paimon ...
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Is this "TRT - 6:31" flashed for one frame during the credits of "Planet of the Apes" original to any official release of the film?

I saw this "TRT - 6:31" appear during the end credits in a broadcast of Planet of the Apes I had DVRed. Is this original to any cut of the film? (Otherwise it was presumably added during some ...
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John Wick Chapter 2/3 discrepancy

At the end of John Wick 2, when Winston tells John he has one hour until he goes excommunicado, his watch reads 3:58pm. In Chapter 3, John goes excommunicado at precisely 6pm. Was this just an error?
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Why is audio so often out of sync when the actors are filmed from behind?

I've noticed that in almost every TV show or movie I've ever seen, the audio does not sync up with the actor's jaw/mouth movements when the actor is being filmed from behind. It looks as if the actor ...
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Is that a mistake in Lavender movie?

Just finished watching the movie Lavender, the story talks about a crime happened in 10 Oct 1985 but in the end of the movie the tombstone shows June 8 1986. Is that a mistake or something I missed ...
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John Wick 2 shotgun jam in catacombs

At a certain point in John Wick 2 during the catacombs scene in Italy, Wick's shotgun jams and he has to eject the shell. However, prior to the jam, there is clearly something red hanging off the ...
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Why does Firefly include a scene with a missing yoke?

In the first episode of Firefly (Serenity), there's a scene where Serenity escapes from a pursuing Reaver ship. After they get away, there's a brief shot of Wash and Zoey while the other crew members ...
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Why is there a horse skeleton in the 2005 movie Sahara?

In the 2005 film Sahara there is an odd moment where a strange skeleton appears. Here's a screen shot: It is the scene about 1 hour 40 minutes into the movie - just after Al jumps out to avoid ...
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Why did the armor made for Eragon/Saphira change?

In the 2006 film "Eragon", the resistance fighters called the Varden made armor for protagonist Eragon and his dragon Saphira. He was told that they worked all night to complete the armor in time for ...
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Why are plot holes the most common mistakes made in movies? [closed]

There are many movies these days with plot holes in them, such as: The Maze Runner: the Gladers making their escape into the maze to get out, most run into the maze after the Thomas-Gally encounter, ...
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Why did three boys voice Wart in The Sword in the Stone?

Disney's 1963 film The Sword in the Stone famously used three boys to voice "Wart" (Arthur), leading to some obvious continuity errors as his voice keeps breaking and unbreaking. Why did they do this? ...
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In which episode of The Simpsons did this animation error occur? [closed]

I'm looking for an episode where a black faceless man stands behind Homer in his home. This due to an animation error. (E.g. Like in the episode with Mel Gibson where Homer has a "third hand").
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Was the mistake in the opening scene of The Shining intentional?

Everyone knows about the legendary director Stanley Kubrick and how meticulous he was in taking his shots to perfection. This is the opening scene from the movie The Shining (1980). We see a shadow of ...
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Why was this A/V synchronization mistake never fixed?

As Luke is running away from the disarmed (sorry for the pun) wampa, we hear his lightsaber power off, yet the glowing blade is still visible. This occurs in every clip of the scene I've looked at, ...
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Was the final transformation a blunder?

At the end of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, the main villain is disposed of, by his own petards. But during that scene, he seems to have transformed completely: His eyes included. This ...
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Erroneous scene with the studio's parking lot in the original Star Wars release

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away...) I saw a show on TV. It was sort of like one of those "Hollywood Extra" type shows. This is going back to the early 80's for sure. Anyway, on the show ...
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sun setting in the south

In the last 5 minutes of San Andreas, there are at least 2 shots where the camera looks down the length of the Golden Gate Bridge (in San Francisco), and the sun is setting over the hills past it. The ...
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Why is Pulp Fiction's opening scene different to the one near the end?

In the opening scene of Pulp Fiction at the restaurant, right before the titles, Honeybunny says: Any of you fucking pricks move, I will execute every motherfucking last one of you! But when the ...
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In which scene is the White Van in Braveheart?

I've heard many rumors of the infamous movie mistake - the white van, visible in the background of one of the battle scenes in Braveheart. However I've never spotted it. Does anyone have a time code ...
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