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2004 cult science-fiction movie about the implications of inventing a time-machine. This movie had a budget of $7,000 and won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

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Handwriting of Aaron and Abe

Why is Aaron's and Abe's handwriting becoming scribbly in Primer? My assumption would be that exposure of the magnetic field from the super conducting magnets when building the box caused their hands ...
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Critical plot hole in Primer?

Primer is by far the most sophisticated time travel movie I've ever seen. Did you know that director Shane Carrurh wanted the objects to stay inside the box when traveling back in time, so they keep ...
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Why does Abe want to stop the originals from building the box?

In Primer, Abe knows that the 3rd Aaron is going to build a new box. Why does Abe oppose the originals building a box given the technology will be built by the 3rd Aaron anyway?
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Primer question to better understand the movie

I just discovered Primer: it is nothing short of amazing IMHO. I've read various sites and graphics explaining how their machine work and I've got a question which, I think, would help me better ...
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In Primer, did they really need to do the time travelling themselves?

Is there any reason given either in the movie, or by any of its many analysts, why Abe and Aaron must make the 6 hour trip backwards themselves? Could they not have designed an intelligent device, ...
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What happened to Thomas Granger?

In Primer there is a secondary character named Thomas Granger that the two main characters Aaron and Abe come in contact with. Apparently he is the father of Abe's girlfriend Rachel and is head of ...
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Can someone explain the sequence of events in 'Primer'?

Primer is one crazy movie, as far as the complicated plot goes. Has anyone figured out the ACTUAL sequence of events?
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