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What was the fireball that Naru saw from the tree top when she was battling the lion?

In Prey (2022), the main protagonist, Naru had to lure a mountain lion into an ambush. In a turn of event, Naru got pin down by the lion and had to resort to climb a tree. From the tree top she saw ...
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Why does the Predator shoot his spear without his helmet?

I don’t understand why the Predator shoots his spear when his helmet is off. Since they are laser-guided how does he know where they will go? Video of the relevant scene (starts at 6:52):
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What is the age of Naru in “Prey” (2022)

The main protagonist in “Prey” (2022) is a young Comanche woman who, while trained as a healer, would like to be a hunter. So she goes off to hunt some deer and before you know it… Boy howdy does she ...
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Weird French in Prey?

Loved the movie Prey and I have a question about it. French is not my first language and I'm not fluent in it, but the French that the poachers spoke seemed a little off to me. Was it my imagination? ...
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