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Michael and Peter Spierig's 2014 movie about a Temporal Agent

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How Jane/John/Baby and Barkeep/Agent Doe/Fizzle Bomber were connected in the "Predestination" ending? [duplicate]

After watching "Predestination (2014)", I could understand that: Similarly: But by showing the operation scars on the agent Doe's body, it was revealed that even: No plausible explanation ...
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Improbable genetics in Predestination (2014)?

Predestination (2014) is a well-crafted time travel story, which I found quite remarkably consistent. There was however one point in the plot that tickled the suspension of my disbelief. The movie ...
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Predestination Paradox [closed]

If this is a paradox such as the grandfather paradox, where does the cycle start? Where can it be broken? Specifically, why does Jane, who is her own mother and father, not recognize her lover’s face ...
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How does 'Agent Doe' end up where he does in Predestination?

In the movie Predestination, one of the pre-climax scenes shows that the barkeep (Agent Doe) turns into the Fizzle Bomber by killing his future self. This is described in the timeline on the main ...
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Why do they want to hire prostitutes for the space program?

Why do they want to hire prostitutes for space program in Predestination?
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How did the lead character in predestination movie get born for the first time? [duplicate]

In Predestination, how was the lead character born for the first time?
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How was the baby born in the start?

In movie Predestination (2014), So, how was the baby born for the first time, and how does it come to know about the predestination?
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How long were John and Jane together for in Predestination?

In Predestination, John goes back in time and falls in love with Jane. John later goes forward in time. But, during their time together, John and Jane conceive a child. This could be any length of ...
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How did 7 years pass?

When the barkeeper takes John to the HQ of the temporal agents we see that the date is 12 August 1985 late night (11 pm if I am not mistaken). Later, almost at the end of the movie, after the ...
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Does the ending of Predestination cause a paradox, or does the loop stay closed? [duplicate]

In the final scene of Predestination there's the following dialogue: John: Your next attack will kill ten thousand more. John knows this because it is his strongest motivation for hunting down the ...
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Why doesn't the temporal agent recognize himself?

I have two very related questions about the movie Predestination and the way in which the main character was unable to recognize himself: As Jane undergoes surgery and becomes John, John looks into ...
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Possible flaw in Predestination (2014)

This is in regards to the movie Predestination. This is an amazing movie, beautiful extrapolation of the short story and brilliant execution. I wonder if there is a tiny little flaw: Jane would have ...
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Can the timeline of Predestination be written in chronological order?

I just finished watching this mind-boggling time travel movie which seems to create some sort of ultimate time paradox. I'm curious. Can the timeline of this movie be written in chronological order? ...
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Who is Mr Robertson?

Near the end of the movie Predestination, the old Temporal Agent said, "We are Robertson". Can someone confirm that John/Jane becomes Robertson, after he has killed the elder Temporal Agent?
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What was Bartender/Temporal Agent's last mission?

In Predestination, it is shown in the beginning that temporal agent is sent on his last mission. But in the end I got really confused and didn't undertand what was his last mission? Was it to recruit ...
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Why does The Bartender have surgery marks?

There is a scene in Predestination where The Bartender shows his surgery marks, as if he was a woman as well. What does this mean?
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What does the Predestination ending scene imply?

In the movie Predestination (2014), does the ending imply that the temporal agent becomes the Fizzle Bomber and therefore a paradox?
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