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Was Hercule Poirot always religious?

I've very nearly finished The Curtain, what I assume is the last Poirot episode, and certainly the last one on Netflix. As I watched the series it was not apparent, at least in the first run of ...
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Why did Colonel Lacey change his plans about selling Egyptian souvenir?

In Poirot: The Theft of the Royal Ruby, there's a side story of Colonel Lacey trying to sell one of his many Egyptian souvenirs, to cover his stock debts, and couldn't decide which one he is going to ...
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Was Hercule Poirot ever wrong?

In Cards on the Table (S10E02) Hercule Poirot states: The question is, can Hercule Poirot possibly be wrong? No one can always be right. But I am. Always I am right. It is so invariable it startles ...
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What poison in Poirot: The Big Four?

What drug was used in the itv version of The Big Four? The one that caused the paralysis in the two hostages and one of the murder victims.
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Why did Dr. Sheppard help Poirot with the investigation?

In Poirot: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, why did Dr. Sheppard help Poirot with the investigation? He seems to have a rather extreme interest in seeing Poirot fail,so why bother helping at all?
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Is this sentence from Marrascaud a reference to another novel or movie?

In the movie Hercule's works, Poirot is finding who is Marrascaud the thief and killer. In one of the last scenes, when Marrascaud is taken by the police, Marrascaud turns and says to Poirot: We will ...
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How could Desmond Lee-Wortley call airfield at December 25th?

In the "Poirot: The Theft of the Royal Ruby" there's a side plot of Desmond Lee-Wortley calling someone (later revealed by Poirot to be repair service at the nearby airfield) and being ...
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