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2015 remake of of the 1991 action film. This film stars Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer and Ray Winestone.

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What is the point of throw the rock?

In this scene they throw and measure the time to reach the ground. They measure 6 sec. But what is the point if they are going to jump with the squirrel flying suits. At the end the scene last for 2 ...
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Why does Bodhi break his own rule?

In Point Break (1991), at the end of the film during their final heist, why does Bodhi break his own rule and have the other Ex-Presidents break into the vault? He's wasting valuable time, and one of ...
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4 votes
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How did they film the motorcycle jump in Point Break (2015)?

The 2015 Point Break remake features a large number of spectacular stunts. Most of these stunts are claimed to be genuine and performed by highly skilled stuntmen. In one of the opening scenes a jump ...
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How did Utah and Bodhi survive 800 meter waterfall drop?

In the movie Point Break (2015), how could the two men survive near 800 meter drop from Venezuela's Angel Falls?
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