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Film production company that specializes in acclaimed animated feature and short films, and produces and licenses software to others for similar projects.

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Do Doc Hudson's tires being on the ground symbolise not being able to let go of his past?

I didn't learn this till I was an adult, but apparently "X hung up his racing tires" means "X retired". When Lighting discovers one of Doc's trophies, we see a racing tire on the ...
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Wall-E Axiom Spaceships

At the start of Wall-E, there was an enormous amount of billboards with "BnL". At the metro, an exit had one with the ad where Shelby shows us how many spaceliners launched. During all the movie we ...
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Are all Pixar movies set in the same universe?

I heard someone say that all the Pixar movies are set in the same universe. Is this true? A casual web search led me to this, but I'm not sure if it's canon or not. Does anyone know any details ...
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Why do Disney and Pixar animated movies contain the 'A-113' easter egg?

I have noticed that many Disney and Pixar animated movies contain 'A-133' in some (random) places. For instance: Toy Story: A Bug's Life: Cars: Brave: Monster's University: Is there any ...
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Similarities of Pixar and Dreamworks: any published explanation?

It is well known that for many years, Pixar and Dreamworks released very similar movies at the same time: Finding Nemo and Shark Tale Wall-E and Robots (see comments) The Wild and Madagascar ...
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What technology did each Pixar movie introduce?

I recall reading years ago that each Pixar film included some new technology or capability to their internal rendering software that they they'd developed as part of making that film. Monsters Inc. ...
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Why was Brenda Chapman released from directing "Brave"?

The title hopefully sums up the question entirely. Brenda Chapman was one of the lead animators on "Lion King" and was to be Pixar's debut female director on "Brave" which she has sole story credits ...
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