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Pitch Perfect is a 2012 musical comedy film based on Mickey Rapkin's non-fiction novel, also titled Pitch Perfect.

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Is the device Beca uses in Pitch Perfect 3 a real musical device?

In the Pitch Perfect 3, Beca creates sounds "Ah~ Oh~" with this loop pedal device that don't have labels. I don't know what's name and I haven't been able to find anything by searching for ...
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Which comes first in song-and-dance movies: The soundtrack or the video?

In big-budget movies like the Pitch Perfect trilogy that are full of cast singing and dancing to sound-studio tracks, including close-ups with no obvious "lip-synching" breaks: When the actors are ...
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Pitch Perfect Team building exercise name?

I am looking for the name of the "exercise" from this clip from Pitch Perfect 2 where they jump on the pillow-like thing at 1:20. There has to be a name for it, ...
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What is the song played in the radio station just before the semi-finals? [closed]

This song was a remix composed by Beca in the movie. What is the song played in the radio station just before the semi-finals?
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23 votes
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Did the actors sing for Pitch Perfect?

I was quite baffled after watching Pitch Perfect because the songs were really enticing. Moreover, I felt that the songs in the movie were much better than the original songs. Did the actors really ...
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Why does Jesse suggest that Beca pushes everyone else away?

In Pitch Perfect, Jesse says to Beca: I don't get where he's making this generalisation from. Yeah, she was a prat to Jesse himself, but I can't think of how else she pushes people away.
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2 answers

Should the Trebles have been "cut off"?

Watching Pitch Perfect again, and through the riff-off, and it seems like the Trebles broke the rule of "stealing the song by picking off a word that they are singing and making it your first word." ...
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Did the soundtrack of Pitch Perfect cheat and use instruments?

Pitch perfect is a movie based on competitive acapella singing where the only sounds should come from the human voice. It is a great movie and a great soundtrack. But some critics (including Mark ...
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Why was Beca's riff-off considered invalid?

In Pitch Perfect, why was Beca's riff-off considered invalid? What "it" did they need to match and how? I've watched this particular scene, like, 50 times and I still have no clue. Maybe ...
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