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For questions related the the film "Patriots Day" (2016) starring Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan.

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3 votes
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What is the significance of showing victims even before the attacks?

In Patriots Day, Dun Meng is video calling to his parents about his new vehicle. (This happens at the beginning of the movie). The terrorist hijack his vehicle later. The next victim, this cute ...
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Why don't the Boston investigators have any ready-made place to investigate the marathon bombings?

In Patriot's Day, the Boston investigators select some empty warehouse to investigate the marathon bombings. Actually, the warehouse was totally empty and people started arranging all the electronic ...
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7 votes
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Is any of the footage in Patriots Day real?

The film Patriots Day (2016) is filmed in a very realistic, and according to some of those that actually experienced the events, accurate and respectful manner. There are a number of shots from ...
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