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An imitation of a work or style of work. Exaggerated for comic effect.

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Which movie series are referenced in XKCD comic 1568?

When I was reading XKCD comics I came across this one In a previous comic I get it was Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek, but in this other one I only know Wandboy = Harry Potter. I suspect ...
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Is there a good resource which analyzes many parody movies for "what is being lampooned"?

Good parody movies (e.g. Airplaine, Hot Shots) lampoon a whole bunch of things, in nearly every scene. Is there a good resource which analyses some of the main ones scene by scene and notes a full ...
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Drawing room romance parody in "Hail, Caesar!"

I was able to identify most of the parodies in "Hail, Caesar!". For example, the sailors dancing scene is "On the Town" (1949). However, I could not figure which movie the drawing room romance was ...
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Which is the first parody film?

I love the parody films like Meet the Spartans,Vampires Suck and Scary Movie film series. I want to know which is the first film made which is parody of other film or films.
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Galaxy Quest a parody of Sci-Fi/Star Trek only or specific actors too

Was Galaxy Quest just a parody of Star Trek and related Sci-Fi tropes or were the lead characters in Galaxy Quest poking fun at certain actors in particular as well? I remember reading something ...
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Why is the "Rocky" franchise particularly lampooned for its many sequels?

Several other movies and other media have portrayed fictional high-numbered sequels of the Rocky franchise: Spaceballs shows the spines of videocassettes for Rocky I through XIV. A movie poster for &...
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Western Parody - White hats vs Black hats [closed]

This film is all about the good guys wear white hats and the bad guys wear black hats trope. I've tried looking it up but can't find it anywhere. The hero (in a white hat) comes into town and clears ...
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What is the first mockumentary style show?

There are a lot of great mockumentary style comedy shows such as The Office, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, etc. My question is who invented this style? Who was the first to make a show or a ...
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Why do remakes need permission whereas spoofs/parodies don't?

Why do remakes need permission whereas spoofs/parodies don't? Scary Movie consists of lot of spoofs of other movies, yet they didn't seem to have any permission for that from all those movies. But as ...
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Is "Mr Puzzle Wants You to Be Less Alive" a Netflix production?

I've seen several articles claim that Mr Puzzle Wants You to Be Less Alive is an official Netflix release done in conjunction with Keaton Patti. Netflix explains, “We worked with Keaton Patti to make ...
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Is NCIS self-parodying in that "two people one keyboard" scene?

A scene in NCIS shows Abigail and Timothy typing together on a single keyboard in order to stop a computer attack on the "public firewall". It does not end well (apparently they were not ...
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