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Oz, the TV series, is an American drama series created by Tom Fontana. It ran for six seasons, from July 12, 1997 to February 23, 2003. Oz is the nickname for the fictional Oswald State Correctional Facility where the series takes place. It also makes metaphoric references to the classic film The Wizard of Oz, 1939.

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In the series Oz, why does Dr. Faraj dislike Robson?

Dr. Faraj hits Robson's mouth with a phone and tells officers that Robson attacked him and sneered and walked out. Why did he have such behavior?
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How did Adebisi make his hat hang on his head?

In the TV show Oz, Simon Adebisi is very often shown with a hat hanging on the top of his head. It looks like it will almost fall. I remember it being discussed sometimes in the show, but can't ...
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Did Emerald City have any success stories?

Emerald city in Oz was meant to be this experimental unit that gave prisoners better lives in the hopes that their rehabilitation would also go better. But it seems like there are no actual success ...
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What happened to William Giles?

In the TV series Oz, the character William Giles was put on death row, requested death by stoning, which lead to a new law by the state. He was last seen in the beginning of Season 5, where he won a ...
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Why do prisoners want to live in Emerald City?

In Oz, many prisoners have to change their location from the experimental unit Emerald City and some normal units, and vice versa. Emerald City is extremely controlled with much more prison officers,...
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Why was Schillinger so brutal in the very beginning even if he hoped for parole?

In the TV series Oz, Vernon Schillinger (leader of the Aryan Brotherhood) raped the new prisoner and former laywer Tobias Beecher. Also, he tattooed him with an swastika. If Beecher wanted, he could ...
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