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How historically accurate is Outlander?

Caveat: OBVIOUSLY I'm NOT asking if the idea of a time-travelling 20th century Lady is accurate ;) How historically accurate is the TV show Outlander? I'm thinking specifically of its depiction of ...
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Is there any significance in the text above the door in Outlander?

Outlander (Season 1 Episode 1) features a scene where Claire and Frank Randall arrive in Scotland and notice "sacrificial blood" in doorways. Frank explains the blood and the Pagan origins, but I am ...
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4 votes
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Is there name or a trope for this kind of scene featured on the latest episode of Outlander?

I was recently watching the latest episode of the Starz TV series, Outlander, episode 4.06 titled, Blood of my Blood. In the episode there are a series of interrelated scenes featuring Because I ...
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Why and what significance James Alexander McKenzie Fraser was called McDubh?

Did I miss any portion of Outlander that might explain why Jamie Fraser was called McDubh? Is there any significance to being called "McDubh"?
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How did Brianna recognise her mother's ring?

Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you haven't seen season 4. Soon after Brianna goes back in time to find her parents, she notices a distinctive ring in the possession of Stephen Bonnet and ...
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