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BBC America series about a young woman who discovers she is one of many subjects in an illegal human cloning experiment.

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Is the military the US military or Canadian military?

The show Orphan Black is a Canadian production and most of the show and its characters and organizations were based in Canada (more specifically Toronto and the surrounding areas). But was the ...
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Why does Felix always leave his door unlocked?

Throughout the series, visitors often just barge into Felix's place/crib by opening his sliding door entrance. Why isn't Felix more cautious (especially given his deep involvement)? Felix has also ...
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Do any of these car movements near the end of Orphan Black season 2 episode 3 (& start of 4) make any sense or are they even possible?

In the TV series Orphan Black season 2 episode 3, a corporate agent is hunting for Sarah, who left a hidden location in a truck. She drives to a remote rural location down a dead-end road in the ...
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Is Orphan Black's 5th season going to be its last?

Being a fan from the beginning, I was sorry to hear the news that the show has been cancelled. Does this mean that the 5th season will be its last?
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Why do the male clones seem more similar to each other than the female clones do?

In Orphan Black there are at least two sets of clones: the females and the males. But the female characters (all played by Tatiana Maslany) seem far more different from each other than the males (Mark ...
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Doesn't Det Arthur Bell know his Nikon camera has LCD display?

In S2E4 Orphan Black, Det Arthur Bell is snooping around the Prolethean campus taking pictures with his expensive Nikon camera. Doesn't he know his Nikon camera has LCD display?
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How is Beth being a cop a surprise?

SPOILERS (if you haven't seen S01E01 of Orphan Black) Sarah has to be literally dragged into a police station before realizing she is impersonating a police detective. I realize that since Beth had ...
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Why does Cosima Niehaus need glasses?

In the TV series Orphan Black, if all of the women played by Tatiana Maslany are portrayed as being clones, why does Cosima Niehaus need/wear glasses? Should they all be identical in this respect? ...
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