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Why did police hang the boy in the story Fagin told Oliver?

In Roman Polanski's "Oliver Twist" (2005), in the morning when Fagin has brought Oliver breakfast to the bedroom he locked him in for the night he tells Oliver that he caused him and the other boys ...
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Why was "Oliver!" (1968) rated G?

I'm surprised that Oliver! (1968) was rated G. It doesn't look like a G rated movie. It contains some strong violence and quite a bit of Drinking. It looks more like a PG film. So why was it rated G? ...
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Why does Mr. Bumble call the law a bachelor in Oliver?

In the movie Oliver! (1968), during a heated confrontation between Mr Brownlow and Mr Bumble, over the origins of Oliver, a point is made by Mr Brownlow: Mr. Brownlow: In the eyes of the law, you are ...
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