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2003 South Korean movie about a man kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years.

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Why doesn't Mido remember her father when she first saw him, despite the hypnosis process?

I just saw "Oldboy" (the Korean one) a few days ago and I really enjoyed it, but I just don't get why Mido (Oh-Dae Su's daughter) can't remember her father's face or name. I know she has been ...
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Was there a language shift in Oldboy (2003)?

I have seen people claim that, when Oh Dae-su brawls with the group of teenagers, one of the reasons why they're making fun of him is that he speaks archaic Korean, a government-mandated update of the ...
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Why so many takes of the corridor scene for an absurd result?

Dae-su in the corridor scene in Oldboy is hopeless missing hits many times bad start - lets them get organised rather than surprising them by throwing himself and the hurt man at them bad tactics- ...
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Was the revenge justified?

I just watched the 2003 Korean film "Oldboy", and as much as I enjoyed the gritty feel to it, I'm still left with a major dilemma I've noticed yet haven't seen discussed. I understand that the ...
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Explanation of the ending of "Oldboy"

I have a couple of questions about the ending of the horribly disturbing Oldboy (2003). Why does the antagonist "Puppet Master" kill himself in the elevator? Was he so consumed by revenge that he ...
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