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Questions tagged [oceans-8]

Use tag for questions about the 2018 heist movie starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathway in an all-women starcast as a sequel to the Ocean's series.

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In Ocean's 8, which male con actors appear as cameo from the previous installments?

Ocean's 8 features some prominent cameos of real celebrities, but I also noticed that some of the characters from the "Danny Ocean"-Installments (Ocean's 11 through 13) are appearing on ...
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"Ignored" from what exactly is Debbie referring to?

In Ocean's Eight (2018), two con artists Debbie and Lou looking to rob a necklace at museum. They looking some profiles for the job, so Lou asks Debbie's opinion on a profile: Debbie Ocean: I barely ...
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What does "angry place" mean? [closed]

In Ocean's Eight (2018), two con artists Debbie Ocean and Lou are walking side by side: Debbie Ocean: So then I thought ten banks. Then I realized that would be maybe coming from an angry place so... ...
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What were the first 18 photos Debbie Ocean sent to John Frazier?

Towards the end of Ocean’s Eight, Debbie Ocean texts a photo of a certain very spoilery item to insurance agent John Frazier to enable him to get a search warrant for an intended suspect’s house. When ...
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Why does Clarence need space to plant a transmitter on somebody?

In Oceans Eight (2018), Debbie and her team, who are about to steal a necklace from Daphne’s neck at the Met museum, are discussing the robbing plan: Lou: And once we get the Toussaint, we are ...
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What happened to Danny Ocean [duplicate]

At the end of Oceans Eight there is shown an inscription that says Danny Ocean (1963-2018). Is the character Danny Ocean dead? Did I miss out on any information given during the movie?
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Why was Tammy from Ocean's 8 not investigated?

When James Corden's character investigates the stolen necklace, why was Tammy not questioned? Especially since she's the one who "pulled it from the water".
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What was on Debbie's list?

In the Ocean's 8 movie, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) has a list of 15 items. The piece of paper is shown a couple of times in the movie. Once, when Debbie and Lou (Cate Blanchett) are sitting in ...
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How do they agree to believe the necklace might have slipped off Daphne's neck?

In the movie Oceans Eight - in the scene when Weil tries on the necklace on Daphne they find out that the necklace can be opened only by the special magnet carried by Cartier's bodyguards. However, ...
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Where is, or what happened to, the absent Ocean?

Having just attended a showing of Ocean's Eight, I couldn't help but note the absence of Danny Ocean from the film. Is there any information as to why Danny is absent, and what might have happened? I ...
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Why is the new movie named Ocean's 8?

What could be the reason to title the movie as Ocean's 8, even though Ocean's trilogy (11-12-13) was ended as Ocean's 13?
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