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2016 American heist film about a group of stage magicians trying to pull off a heist. Sequel to 2013's Now You See Me.

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Was Dylan Rhodes a member of the Eye when he frames Thaddeus Bradley?

In Now You See Me 1, Dylan Rhodes framed Thaddeus Bradley, who was the head of the Eye as revealed in Now You See Me 2. Was Dylan working alone to frame Thaddeus? If so then did he lie to the Four ...
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Why do the horsemen bother passing the item from one to another while being searched?

In Now You See Me 2, the main characters need to steal a card from a secured vault. At some point, each of them is searched for the stolen item and each performs a nifty collection of tricks to keep ...
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Were Morgan Freeman's scenes filmed separately and spliced in later?

In "Now You See Me 2", most (all?) of the scenes with Morgan Freeman look like they were filmed separately with standings playing the other actors. This is especially obvious in the scenes involving ...
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How did Jack Wilder appear in two places at the same time?

In Now You See Me 2, before the final trick (I refer to the plane on the Thames, England), three of the four horseman (Jack, Daniel, Lula) are performing a street trick at their respective place. ...
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How did Atlas accomplish the 'rain magic' trick in Now You See Me 2?

In Now You See Me 2, Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) performs a trick - he makes the rain droplets stop mid-air. He then proceeds to make the rain drops go up (i.e. against gravity). Finally, he makes ...
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What exactly happened to Dylan Rhodes's father in Now You See Me?

Disclaimer: If you haven't seen the the movies yet I suggest not to continue reading as there might be a minor spoiler within my question. So we are revealed in the course of the two movies that ...
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What's the logic behind the fake/real computer chip? [duplicate]

So in Now You See Me 2, after the Horsemen steal the computer chip that Walter Mabry wanted, Daniel goes to the market to try to hand over the chip to someone from the Eye, but it turns out he was ...
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Why didn't the tech staff find any faults in their system check when the chip was removed?

Here the Horsemen start the card trick to fool the guards: In the background you can see the tech staff conducting a systems check. Here the trick is over, they are leaving and the staff are still ...
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Was the chip real or fake?

I'm talking about the movie Now You See Me 2 Spoilers ahead. Walter (Daniel Radcliffe) gave the task or blackmailed the Four Horsemen to steal a chip from a lab which can access any digital device. ...
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Can I watch "Now You See Me 2" without watching the first film?

I hope that this kind of question is appropriate here. I didn't watch the first movie, Now You See Me, but I liked the summary of the movies, both Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2. Is the second ...
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How did the Horsemen reach the plane in a truck?

In Now You See Me 2, the Horsemen reach a plane site in a truck, seat in the plane and set up the whole thing. When the curtains are off, they were at the middle of a river. They saw that the plane ...
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