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North by Northwest (1959) is an American thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It stars Cary Grant as Roger Thornhill, Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall and James Mason as Phillip Vandamm. A group of of spies mistakes Thornhill for someone else and chases him across the country.

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Why was Thornhill/Kaplan's bid of $2000 considered outrageous?

I admit that I'm a "genuine idiot" who has never been to a real auction and doesn't know all the conventions. In North by Northwest, Thornhill/Kaplan tries to disrupt an auction in different ...
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Divorce in New York: Hitchcock vs. Allen

EVE: What happened to the [your] first two marriages? THORNHILL: My wives divorced me. EVE: Why? THORNHILL: I think they said I led too dull a life. -North By Northwest (1959), shot ...
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Hitchcock, Stewart and Grant

The 1958 film Vertigo was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Jimmy Stewart. Here and there I encounter the suggestion that upon the release of Vertigo, Hitchcock felt disappointed in Stewart and ...
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Kaplan's Mission in "North By Northwest"

The film "North By Northwest" seems to have two theories of Kaplan's mission. On the one hand he's supposed to be the agent following Vandamm. This is why it's important to the Professor that Vandamm ...
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Police Arrests in "North By Northwest"

I know that people often dismiss plot questions in Hitchcock films, saying that Hitchcock didn't care about the plot and neither should we. Still, when I see a celebrated film and don't understand the ...
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A Cary Grant's self-citation?

Is Cary Grant one-arm lifting of Eva Marie Saint on the upper berth in the final segment of Hitchcock's North by Northwest a citation of himself lifting with one arm Katharine Hepburn in the final ...
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