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What happened in the end when Susan was waiting for Edward in the resturant?

Nocturnal Animals ends after showing that Susan was waiting for Edward. Then the movie ends and nothing happens. What does it actually mean? Did Edward come or not?
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How do you justify the strange behaviour of Edward in Nocturnal Animals?

In Nocturnal Animals, why didn't Tony, the protagonist of Edward's story, show any anger when he saw the rapists? He didn't even show much grief on his wife and daughter's death. Moreover, he didn't ...
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Did Susan actually have a daughter?

In Nocturnal Animals, Susan is shown calling her daughter after reading an excerpt from her ex-husband's novel. Mama? Is that you? Is everything OK? Yes, everything is fine. I just ...
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What does the ending of Nocturnal Animals mean?

I fail to understand the metaphorical use of the book "Nocturnal Animals" which Edward sent to Susan. I have a question related to the plot and the ending. What has Edward tried to convey to Susan ...
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What does the intro of Nocturnal Animals mean?

In the intro of the movie "Nocturnal Animals" what do the naked women and their unusual makeup represent?
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What is the significance of buttocks?

Nocturnal Animals is shot in a surreal way. When Susan Morrow is working at the office we can see the background and it has an exposed buttocks portrait mounted on the wall. In another scene Susan ...
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