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A 2014 American crime thriller, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a retired thief who starts filming footage of crimes and accidents in LA and selling it freelance to news channels.

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Why is Nightcrawler's soundtrack so upbeat?

This may have to do with the themes the movie explores (a viewpoint is explained in this great answer) but it remains a question to me nonetheless. The soundtrack made me uneasy. This was not a ...
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What happened to Joe Loder?

In Nightcrawler Louis Bloom sabotages the van of Joe Loder and he has a very bad car crash. When Louis films him being taken away, Joe is in a pretty bad shape. In my professional opinion it looked ...
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Why didn't Lou hide from the gangster in the climax of "Nightcrawler"?

After the car crash, even after his partner got shot (his impromptu to kill Rick) while filming the gangster, Lou keeps filming the incident without hiding from the gangster. This scene didn't make ...
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What does watering the plant signify?

In Nightcrawler, Louis doesn't do much in his free time. He just watches TV only to see his videos in news and waters his plant with a glass of water. He was shown with no empathy and being too ...
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Was Louis Bloom a meth head in Nightcrawler?

I have read the other questions with the 'Nightcrawler' tag and some query the odd behaviour of the film's hero, Louis Bloom. My question is a bit more direct: was he a meth head? This suspicion is ...
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Significance of the air dancers in Nightcrawler

At one point in the film Nightcrawler, the scene is a morning in Los Angeles, possibly the only morning scene in the film where the hero is not watching television. Plotwise, the scene is positioned ...
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At what point did Lou Bloom decide to 'sack' his assistant?

Lou Bloom is a sociopath who is trying to establish a video news company. He hires Rick, a kid from the streets, as his assistant and 2nd cameraman. At first Lou intends to pay Rick nothing, instead ...
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Is there any explanation for Lou Bloom's mannerisms and personality in Nightcrawler?

In Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal's character, Lou Bloom, has noticeably strange mannerisms as well as (arguably) a lack of empathy. What could be the reasons for this strange behaviour?
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Was Jake Gyllenhaal's character in Nightcrawler a sociopath or psychopath?

In the movie Nightcrawler (2014), is the character of Jake Gyllenhaal psychopathic or a sociopathic. How do you identify?
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Why didn't the gangster shoot Lou?

In Nightcrawler, the injured gangster shoots down Rick when he comes in front of him, but when the same gangster comes out of the car, he sees Lou standing right in front of him, filming. Yet he does ...
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How did Louis Bloom get away with what he got away with?

At the end of the movie NightCrawler, the main character Louis Bloom seems to have gotten away with a felony. He clearly withheld information from the police. So why didn't the the detectives get a ...
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