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NCIS: Los Angeles is a show about fictional undercover NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) agents in Los Angeles.

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Do different jurisdictions have different specialities?

I've noticed that between NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles the latter seems to me more specialised to deep undercover work as both G and Sam have a number of alternate identities while their office doesn't ...
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Does the US really use C64 computers for the launch control of their missiles?

In Season 09 E07 of NCIS: Los Angeles we can see the inside of a launch control center for nuclear missiles. The two terrorists that brought the control center under their control are clearly using a ...
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Why "and" instead of "starring"? [duplicate]

LL Cool J, the rapper, stars in NCIS:LA as one of the main characters. However, his name is under "and" in the opening credits. Why is that? Is it because he is also a rapper? I am curious to know.
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