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A genre of television or film characterised by the protagonist investigating a mystery, typically a crime.

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Why is there a fake knife on the rack at the end of Knives Out?

At the end of Knives Out, Ransom tries to stab Marta with a fake (prop) knife, but it collapses into the handle, saving her life, but it makes no sense why there would be a fake knife on display in ...
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Who poisoned Oliver's dog in “Only Murders in the Building?”

In the first season of mystery drama series Only Murders in the building, 3 amateur crime podcasters investigate on the murder of a tenant in their building. At the end of episode 3, one of the ...
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Movie about a man murdering his wife and almost getting away with it [closed]

About 10 years ago I watched this murder mystery movie. It followed a cop investigating an attempted murder, and his prime suspect was the husband. The husband was toying with the police, knowing ...
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Mystery/thriller Hong Kong/Japanese Movie with students disappearing [closed]

Okay, so I saw a hong kong(or maybe japanese? not sure.) movie on TV back in around 2003. I hadn't seen the whole movie back then so I would like to rewatch it agian. But, I don't remember the name of ...
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Modern Sci-fi movie about device that kills people who look at it [closed]

I have been searching for this film for at least 8 years now, this film is what I would consider Sci-fi ish, meaning it takes place in a normal world, normal city (unlike say star wars). The plot ...
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A white priest and a black ex-cop work together to solve a big heist [closed]

I saw this one on TV while I was sitting in a motel room in the mid-1990s. I was in the USA, and the movie was in English and set in an American city. I think I only saw the first 30 or 40 minutes' ...
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Students find a book with rituals and drawn to another world [closed]

The movie is basically about a group of students, I think studying psychology, who finds a book of one of the past professors. Some fragments: Basically research said: do this ritual and they get ...
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90s TV show about paranormal cases with host with a ponytail [closed]

I remember a TV show from around 97 or 98 about paranormal stories, though it didn't last long in the USA since in my country it lasted for like 10 episodes but I might be wrong. The show followed a ...
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Miniseries where a man and woman investigate supernatural happenings in a small town [closed]

I saw it back in Russia around 2007, but it may have been filmed a year or two before that in its home country. I only saw a dub, but the original language was English. It looked like it was made in ...
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Movie where a woman tries to find the murderer of her brother? Dark setting, sort of redneck characters [closed]

So, protagonist is woman (possibly blonde) whos been out of touch with her brother for a long time. I think she discovers he's dissapeared. When she goes to track him down she finds out he's been ...
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Black and white film; Journalist receives newspapers from a day into the future. One predicts his death [closed]

The film is old, maybe the 60's. The argument is about a frustrated journalist who can not get a good article to the newspaper he works for. After a request for a "miracle", someone comes and gives ...
7 votes
1 answer

Mystery thriller movie in which antagonist tries to kill a busload of brain damaged children to get transplant for his/her own kid [closed]

The movie is from 2000-2009. English (US). It involves a lot of mystery and guessing. I remember a character showing another character a room full of antique items ALL of which are fake. Then there's ...
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Please identify this horror movie about a girl who was used to trap actors in a house [closed]

I watched it about 11 years ago starts with an audition for actors to go into a house to act a reality horror movie only for them to be trapped in a real horror house. The horror starts with one guy ...
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Do you know the name of this ghost town movie? [closed]

I've been trying to find out the name of a direct to tv movie I watched on cable some years ago, I didn't catch the name of the movie at the time but the plot is something like this: A family of 4(...
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Identify this movie: the protagonists are searching for what is beyond by reaching clinical death and coming back [closed]

I saw this movie 10-15 years ago and can't really remember the details. What I remember is that the protagonists developed some way to achieve temporary clinical death. They are basically trying to ...
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2 answers

TV series about a suburban town digging up a space ship? [closed]

It was on TV in the US about 10 years ago, it is a mystery with some sci-fi/horror elements. The people in a suburban city start acting weird (possessed/influenced). They would go out at night and ...
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