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2 answers

Did anyone die in Murder By Death?

After all the crazy plot twists at the end, the detectives drive off thinking there was no real murder after all, the corpses were faked and everything was just a joke. However after they are gone it ...
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Who are the characters from which the five detectives are based in movie Murder by Death?

In the movie Murder by Death (1976), we are shown 5 famous detectives that are invited to a dinner. By names and manner I could understand on which two of them were based: Miss Marbles - Miss Marple ...'s user avatar
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3 votes
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How did the detectives know where to arrive in Murder by Death?

In the movie Murder by Death, a parody murder mystery by Neil Simon, the detectives show up at the house as though invited for a murder mystery weekend, a la "And Then There Were None". The ...
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