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Mulholland Drive is a 2001 American drama, mystery, thriller film, directed by David Lynch, and starring Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. An optimistic young Hollywood actress gets caught up with a woman with amnesia in a dark adventure.

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Understanding the Cowboy's threat in Mulholland Drive

In mulholland Drive, when the Cowboy asks Adam to cast Camilla Rhodes for the lead role in his movie, He says that Adam will see him one more time if he does good, or two more times if he does bad. ...
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Why did the real Camilla kiss the "dream" version of Camilla?

Towards the end of the film Mulholland Drive, we see that Diane (Naomi Watts' character) gets invited to a party by the real Camilla. The party is organised by the director Adam who is about to ...
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Does Mulholland Drive have a coherent storyline? [duplicate]

The Wikipedia article of the above mentioned movie has a few possible explanations for coherently explaining some of the events happening in the film, but there seems to be no explanation that fits ...
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What is David Lynch's obsession with stages, red curtains, and female singers?

Just finished Mulholland Drive again, and I noticed once again there is a woman on a stage singing in front of a red curtain, as well as the casting scenes involving the actresses singing oldies. More ...
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Assassination scene in Mulholland Drive

In Mulholland Drive Diane (Naomi Watts) asks a man (Mark Pellegrino) to kill Camilla (Laura Elena Harring) at a diner. This man is earlier shown killing some other guy and in turn having to kill ...
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Where did the box go?

At the end of the first part in Mulholland Drive, after Betty and Rita go inside the box, it drops on the floor and stays there for apparently a long time. The camera slowly pans up to Aunt Ruth ...
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What is going on in Mulholland Drive?

I know that David Lynch's movies are all very deep and hard to grasp and that probably there is no simple answer to this question, as there are different ways to interpret the movie. Still I would ...
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